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Creation Lesson #4 - Microworld Marvels




The space-fabric template is in place to support the activities of a microscopic world in which living systems can perform their designed duties. Without these myriads of unseen entities life would not be possible, and without the “space template” these microscopic agents could not perform their life-supporting functions. The space fabric is essentially occupied by a “cooperating lattice” of subatomic particles.[1] This lattice supports the “tendrils of the cosmic web” and provides orientation for the physical components of the universe.[2] “…All of the masses, charges, and other properties of subatomic particles arise from a uniform chorus of violins playing a symphony of different notes.”[3] “…[And] as if by a chain, our planet’s surface [with all its components] is connected intimately with the space environment.”[4] The stage is now set for the miniature actors to debut their choreographed performances.


I. The Incredible DNA and its Information


The late Dr. Henry M. Morris commented on Psalm 139:15: “Curiously wrought” means “embroidered,” a striking description of the double-helical DNA molecular program which organizes part by part the beautiful structure of the whole infant…from the lowest [atomic mineral] parts of the earth.[5] A pinhead of DNA could hold 40 million times more information than our most advanced 100 gigabyte computer hard drive.[6] At least 93% of the so-called “junk DNA” is transcribed, and it is about 50 times more active than the genes, as shown by the amount of RNA transcripts.[7] Even the choice of the base-pair letters A (adenine), T (thymine), G (guanine), and C (cytosine) now seems to be based on minimizing error during reproduction.[8]


II. The Living Cell and its Components


These components are illustrated for the reader. It must be remembered that “No living molecule is self-reproducing. Only whole cells may contain all the necessary machinery for ‘self’-replication….without the protein-forming machinery nothing can be made.”[9] Sir Karl Popper pointed out, “What makes the [evolutionary] origin of life and of the genetic code a disturbing riddle is this: the genetic code is without any biological function unless it is translated, that is, unless it leads to the synthesis of the proteins whose structure is laid down by the code. But… the machinery by which the cell… translates the code consists of at least fifty macromolecular components which are themselves coded in the DNA. Thus the code cannot be translated except by using certain products of its translation.”[10]


III. Bacteria and the Bacterial Flagellum


Under the ground invisible organisms, including, yeast, molds, microscopic invertebrates, nematode worms, and especially bacteria…. balance the aboveground ecosystem as they make nutrients and minerals available for plant life.[11] Deep earth appears to be a major chemical factory, filled with a mass of bacteria greater than the combined mass of all plants and animals living on the surface.[12]


About 5,000 species of bacteria have been identified, but only about 8 percent cause disease.[13]Cyanobacteria in the oceans break apart the bonds of carbon dioxide, making oxygen available to living things. Perhaps the most abundant creatures on earth, these microbes may release more oxygen than all green plants combined… [In carbon-recycling] one specific duty [of bacteria] is to break down dead plant [and animal matter]…A group of bacteria, known as lithotrophs, feed on minerals within rocks and break them down, thus enriching the soil…The bacteria in the genus Rhizobium, which live in and around plants, fix the nitrogen…Some bacteria even help to make it rain!”[14]


The marvelous irreducibly complex Bacterial Flagellum is powered by an electric motor, with the following features: self assembly and repair, water-cooled rotary engine, proton motive force drive system, forward and reverse gears, operating speeds up to 100,000 rpm, direction-reversing capacity within ¼ of a turn.[15]



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