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The ocean floor has expanded, and earthquakes continue to release pressures from a violent internal structure below Earth's crust. Surface temperatures range in extremes, while ice buildup has extended beyond the poles. Loss of the firmamental canopy left the geomagnetic field without a charging mechanism.

The ozone canopy, which built up after the Flood, is losing its stability due to depletion of energy in the magnetic field. As we approach tribulation, the Creator will appear for an instant in the air. His radiant energy will increase the strength of the magnetic field.

As tribulation progresses extreme earthquakes and violent eruptions will reshape the planetary surface and emit an overcast of dust particles in the upper atmosphere. Radiation judgments will further increase the strength of the magnetic field. Buildup of massive hailstones on a global scale will purify the upper atmosphere and leave water suspended in the concentrated lines of flux. The geomagnetic field will then hold sufficient strength to break measured amounts of water into oxygen and hydrogen by natural electrolysis.

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