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Early in the Flood sequence subterranean waters erupted and ruptured the great Pangean supercontinent into continental divisions, but the continental divisions were still in place adjacent to each other.

During the year of that great Flood the global floodwaters laid down sedimentary layers of rock laced with fossils. These sedimentary layers were placed directly over many of the fracture lines. The Pangean supercontinent was still in place, but was "fractured at the seams."

Approximately five hundred years after the Flood a "runaway" nuclear reaction took place in Earth's interior under the South Pacific basin. This reaction was initiated originally as a result of the disruption which caused the Flood. This "runaway" nuclear reaction took place at the time of Peleg, and during his lifetime the diameter of the earth expanded - separating the continents and thrusting great masses of land into new configurations.

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