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The voice of God (whether by direct vocal intervention or by indirect vibrational disruption) at microwave energy level penetrated the great water reservoir beneath the earth's granite crust. With microwave's unique effect on water, this agitated medium rapidly disrupted the planet's subterranean structure which housed the designed nuclear reactors and internal foundations.

The violent heated waters ruptured the granite crust and sent hot jets of steam upward through the thin firmament suspended above the earth. This action opened channel windows in the crystalline canopy and caused its collapse. The mass fell as liquid rain in the temperate zones and dropped as ice at the poles. Subsequent expulsion of water and chemical elements from earth's disrupted interior saturated the surface floods and trapped living organisms as fossils in sedimentary deposits.

Gravitational attraction of the moon brought the global body of floodwaters into resonance. Cyclical tidal action deposited organic and inorganic materials into conformable sedimentary layers. The vast majority of the "geologic column" is adequately explained by a single year of global flood activity.

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