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On day three the dry land and all its attendant elements appeared. A solid granite crust provided form for the surface of the young planet. The ferromagnetic core maintained alignment of the magnetic field. Radioactive elements with adjacent moderating units formed foundations and a controlled nuclear reactor within earth's interior. Masses of hydrocarbon assumed their role as a swaddling band" to moderate temperatures in the adjacent water reservoirs.

These warm waters fountained up through granite, clays, and sands to re-circulate back into the subterranean reservoir and form a dynamic hydrocycle. A great supercontinent was outlined on the planet's surface. Luxuriant plants were created with their fruit and seeds fully formed, thus incorporating "immediate youth" and "functional maturity."

On day four stellar heavens were formed from the mass and energy inherent in the universal flood of light registered on day one. As the microcosmic structure of the atoms would permit seven "shells" of particles above its nucleus, the macrocosmic structure of the heavens above would cluster seven distinct "spheres" of star bodies on a universal scale. Designed in harmony with the biorhythms of Earth's living systems, these stellar instruments provided functional time and energy to the universe as a whole.

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