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Various aspects of the creation model such as the effects of the electromagnetic field, pink light, ultraviolet filtration, energized water, etc. have been incorporated into various products being sold to the general public.


The Creation Evidence Museum, a nonprofit organization, does not endorse any particular product or company, nor does it claim any medical or health benefit from use of the products.

For those needing more information on various products we suggest contacting the following organizations or persons involved in research.


The experimental pair of glasses used in the research at the museum were made for us by the Cleburne Eye Clinic in Cleburne, Texas, 817-645-2411.







Many people have asked about the CLUSTERED WATER which Dr. Lee Lorenzen spoke about on the program. For clustered water information please use the following website address:

They can give you information and help you with water purchases. Their phone number is: 800-493-1146. Another site to check out is:


Dale Peterson M.D.
Health by Design

Visit Dale's Web Site at:



If you have questions pertaining to the Stun Gun or related topics, please contact Dr. Stan Abrams at 817-774-0484 or visit his web site at:

Research Information: Journal of Oklahoma, State Med. Assoc. Vol 83 #1 pages 9-14, January 1990, By Carl D Osborn M.D

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