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History of the Museum Excavations and
Dinosaur Digs

The Museum has a long history of excavations and exciting discoviries. Every year the Creation Evidence Museam of Texas holds Dinosaur and footprint excavations that are open to the public. For dates and other details see the Excavations Page.

Dr. Carl BaughCarl Baugh, Director of the Creation Evidence Museum, began his excavation project on the Paluxy River in Glen Rose, Texas in March 1982. Since that time, Baugh, along with teams of volunteers, has uncovered over 400 dinosaur tracks and over 90 human footprints in Cretaceous limestone. Lepidodendron, were also found on the Paluxy River.


Excavations at other sites in the United States have also yielded a wonderful collection of fossils. The pictures below are from the early years.


Dr. Carl Baugh excavates ribsDr. Carl Baugh excavates
the rib cage of the
in 1984.






Artist Robert Summers and Carl Baugh

Excavation of the femur
of the Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur
by Carl Baugh and Robert Summers.






Turnage Patton Trail

Turnage-Patton TrackwayThe Turnage Patton Trail is found in the Paluxy River in Glen Rose Texas. The trail of dinosaur tracks measures 527 feet in length and consists of 157 total tracks. This trail is the single longest contiguous dinosaur track way existing on the North American Continent!

Read the article by Aaron Judkins "FOOTPRINTS IN TIME"




Sauropod Trackway

In June, 2000, we excavated 19 new dinosaur tracks...including 11 sauropod tracks. This is the first sauropad trackway found on the McFall layer.

The drawing below illustrates the location of the new tracks discovered by the Creation Evidence team! Click on the image for a full size layout of the trackway.(2307 x 614 pixels), or click on the desired segment below the drawing. Each segment 768 pixels by 614 pixels.


Sauropod Field Drawing


Sauropod Trackway Segment A  Sauropod Trackway Segment B  Sauropod Trackway Segment C




The Creation Evidence Museum
of Texas is a 501(c)3 non-profit
educational museum chartered
in Texas for the purpose
of researching and displaying
scientific evidence for creation.

3102 FM 205
Glen Rose, Texas 76043
Phone: 254-897-3200

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Wednesday - Saturday
10am - 4pm


$10 Per Person
FREE - Children 5 & Under
FREE - Active Duty Military

Creation Evidence Museum Building

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