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Creation Model 5


On day five the vast ocean, fingering seas, and open skies loomed without inhabitant. So God created fish and fowl to plummet the sea, search the sky, and occupy the earth. Flying insects and marine reptiles were brought forth as well.

On day six dinosaurs, reptiles, and mammals were created. Man was then introduced in the creation over which he was to rule, designed by the Creator in whose image he was made. As the Creator made man an extension of himself, He then created woman from a rib near man's heart - genetically identified with Adam. She was an extension of man, and yet, in her own right a complete and separate being, capable of specific comprehension, unique expression, and voluntary companionship. She was physically, mentally, and emotionally endowed with a reflection of the charm and beauty embodied in the whole creation. Eve possessed a grace and sensitivity unmatched by any other of God's perfect creatures - in short, a "mate" in all its ramifications and a "help" in its sublimest sense.




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