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2024 "Veritas" Homeschool
Dinosaur Track Excavations

Dinosaur Dig 2014 Creation Evidence Museum


We Dig Dinosaurs...Come Join Us. Spots Are Limited, Sign-Up Today!

The Creation Evidence Museum is excited to announce its Annual Fall "Veritas" Homeschool dinosaur track excavation. This event is an exciting time of discovery of a newly excavated site! This will include excavations in the morning and inspiring Creation lectures each evening. The Dig is located on the Paluxy River in Glen Rose, Texas. The site holds thousands of dinosaur (and possibly human!) prints. Actual bones have also been unearthed in the area.


  • To orient children to creation evidence, learn basic paleontology, and experience an actual excavation.
  • To make homeschool families aware of the many creation evidence resources available to them.
  • To learn through evening classes taught by creation science leaders


Step 1

RSVP Button

Step 2

Payments are

Step 3
Print and Sign Liability Waiver
Every participant must sign a waiver before participating in the excavations. Due, at sign in, on the first day of the event.
Step 4
Ensure you know what to bring. See the Tools and Supplies section below.
Step 5
Come and join us!


May 27th - 31st, 2024


Meet at the museum at 8:00 am each day
Excavations will end at 12:00 pm
Free time will be available from noon to 6 pm

Monday through Friday, 6:00 - 7:30, the following special events will occur:

  • Be excited by an interactive “Night at the Museum”, hosted by Dr. Carl Baugh
  • Hear from creation scientist Jim Hoff and other's (More information to come)


$15 per person/per day with a maximum of $300 per family*
Two adults max and their children (must have school-age children)
To pay the donation fee please see the "Event Donation" button above.

* Donation Payments for this event are Non-refundable


Creation Evidence Museum
3102 F.M. 205
Glen Rose, Texas 76043

Lodging and Food

All participants must provide their own lodging and food.
NOTE: Make your lodging arrangements early, because "Glen Rose is a popular destination for outings to Dinosaur Valley State Park, Dinosaur World Dino Walk, and Fossil Rim Wildlife Park!"

Available Lodging in Somervell County

Suggested Clothing

Cool clothing with covering on your legs (please, no shorts or swim wear), kneepads, hat, sunglasses, bug spray and sunscreen.

Tools & Supplies

NOTE: All participants must bring their own tools

• 2 inch Wooden Handle Paint Brush (must be wooden to protect fossils)
• Small 3-inch Pointed Trowel
• Flanged Masonry Hammer or Patiche Hammer, one per family
• Plenty of drinking water

Excavation Tools

All participants must sign a Release of Liability Form for the Creation Evidence Museum and the
private land owner, on whose land we excavate (parents must sign for children). This releases the
Creation Evidence Museum and the landowner from liability in case of accident or injury.

Please understand that the excavations take place along the limestone ledges of the Paluxy River. Thus, we have to be aware of, and deal with, the elements of nature, such as poison ivy, snakes, ticks and heat. This is not an excursion to your local science museum. It is participation in an actual on-site excavation. Children participating are the full responsibility of their parents. No one will be allowed to wander off from the planned activities, and everyone must remain within the boundaries described by the Director. We must observe these rules for the safety of all.



The Creation Evidence Museum
of Texas is a 501(c)3 non-profit
educational museum chartered
in Texas for the purpose
of researching and displaying
scientific evidence for creation.

3102 FM 205
Glen Rose, Texas 76043
Phone: 254-897-3200

Map Pin   Location Map


Wednesday - Saturday
10am - 4pm


$10 Per Person
FREE - Children 5 & Under
FREE - Active Duty Military

Creation Evidence Museum Building

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