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Event Date & Time :
October 1st, 2022 at 11:00 am

Special Guests

Jeffrey TomkinsJeffrey Tomkins earned a B.S. in Agriculture Education from Washington State University (1985), a M.S. in plant science from the University of Idaho (1990), and a Ph.D. in genetics from Clemson University (1996). After completing post-doctoral research in genomics, he became a faculty member in the Department of Genetics and Biochemistry at Clemson and director of the Clemson University Genomics Institute. In 2009, he joined the Institute for Creation Research as a research scientist and was appointed Director of Research in 2020. He has authored 66 secular journal papers, 42 creation-science journal papers, and 6 books.

Jim HoffJim Hoff demonstrates the prophetic fulfillment of Daniel 12:4, showing how knowledge has increased "exponentially"; and he helped to do it! During his professional career Jim was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having built the world's fastest super-computers (Star 100 and Cyber 205 that ran at 400 million megaflops per second!). He and his colleagues patented the fiber- optic technology that makes possible millions of conversations on our fifteen billion cell phones all at the same time!

Isaac YoungVirtuoso Violinist Isaac Young, from Taiwan, will render a medley of patriotic and spiritual songs. His natural parents tried to abort him, but failed. The Young family from America adopted him as an infant. He began playing the violin at age four. You will be amazed at his talents.

Lonnie ShipmanVirtuoso Pianist Dr. Lonnie Shipman Began playing the piano at age four, touring 48 states and internationally, appearing before 900,000 people at age 16, as well as appearing on NBC Primetime T.V. to 71 million people. He has toured 27 countries in North America, Europe, South America and the Middle East, performing in the royal palaces of Europe and before two Prime Ministers, and has given concerts on both sides of the Iron Curtain. During his career he has performed live before over ten million people! In addition to his performance at the Saturday Dedication Event, ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON, OCTOBER 2nd, HE WILL PERFORM A FREE ONE-HOUR CONCERT AT CEM at 2:30 p.m.!

Event Details

The Museum Director and Excavation Team have discovered and excavated fossilized components of nineteen different dinosaurs. These fossils are among the artifacts that will be analyzed in the Lab. A Scanning Electron Microscope and ten other scientific instruments are fully functional for this procedure. Some of these instruments are capable of discovering "soft tissue" in dinosaur bones, showing they are "recent," not "ancient." Other instruments in the lab are capable of discovering tiny rings left by radioactive decay, showing the granite of Earth's crust was created very rapidly. Another sonoluminescence instrument produces light from sound within water, to a degree illustrating what God performed during Creation Week. The ceremony will begin with the singing of our National Anthem by Randy Brooks (Randy played the role of "Jesus" the first seven years of the Passion Play in Glen Rose); then he will sing "How Great Thou Art." After this, Engineer Jim Hoff will demonstrate the "Miller-Urey Experiment" and explain WHY IT DID NOT PRODUCE the "building blocks of life." Then virtuoso violinist Isaac Young from Taiwan will render a medley of patriotic and spiritual songs. After this, Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins, Director of Research at the Institute for Creation Research, will deliver the Keynote Address. Then Pastor Jim Scudder of Quentin Road Baptist Church will offer the Prayer of Dedication ( Pastor Scudder is on national radio and television daily, and is on TBN weekly as Host of the popular "In Grace" program). This will be followed by a one-hour piano concert by virtuoso musician Dr. Lonnie Shipman (he has given concerts in Israel and on both sides of the Iron Curtain, and during his career has performed live before over ten million people!).

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Thursday - Saturday
10am - 4pm


$6 Per Person
FREE - Children 5 & Under
FREE - Active Duty Military

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