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Creation Devotional February 22 - Design

Most animals flee from forest fires, but not the black fire beetles (Melanophila acuminate). They flock toward the fire! These unique beetles mate, and then the female lays her eggs in the bark of the still smoldering wood. The eggs hatch and burrow into the tree, free to munch away on trees without interference from the tree’s protective defenses.


During its lifetime, any given black fire beetle is statistically unlikely to ever experience a forest fire where it lives, so how does it find a burning forest for reproduction? On the underside of these beetles are tiny pits equipped with infrared radiation detection sensors. This infrared radiation detection system can detect the invisible heat rays given off by a forest fire up to 50 miles away! Do infrared radiation detection systems happen by accident and chance? Hardly! In fact, scientists are trying to copy this system in order to install them around forests to alert foresters when there is a fire. Scientists are only copying a good design. When we see an infrared radiation detection system, we know there must be an infrared radiation detection system Maker! And that Maker is God!


O Lord, there is none like thee, neither is there any God beside thee, according to all that we have heard with our ears.

~ 1 Chronicles 17:20


Creation Devotional February 21 - Design

Automakers are busily developing self-driving automobiles which are capable of sensing danger and instantly reacting to it. Imagine that you are in such a car and it senses that a large tree has fallen across the road, blocking your path forward. The response from such a vehicle would be to slam on the brakes and come to an immediate stop.


Now think about that response. Why did the car stop? Did the fallen tree in some way communicate with the car and cause it to stop? Not at all. The car had internal sensors to identify the barrier and internal programming to adapt to the changing circumstances. To believe that the tree caused the car to stop would be both naive and misguided. Yet, this is exactly how biologists are trained to think about life. Their literature is filled with examples that imply that the environment in which an organism lives causes it to adapt and change. The idea that the presence of drugs causes a bacteria to evolve or a sooty environment caused the peppered moths population to shift from light to dark coloration is the common perception among biologists. This is as misguided as believing that the fallen tree caused the car to stop.


Life adapts to changing environments because it has been designed with programming that allows it the flexibility to adapt. It is the organism, guided by prior programming, that adapts to changes, not the environment that causes the changes to happen. The primary reason biologists do not think in this manner is because it implies that a source of this programming is required, and they are trained to believe the environment made the organism. Thus, they miss the One who did the programming. God, the great programmer!


Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding; If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures; Then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God.

~ Proverbs 2:3-5


Creation Devotional February 10 - Design

Daily Devotional – February 10




Have you considered that the earth is perfectly designed for life?

  1. The right rate of spin. 24 hours is just right. If the earth spun slower, nights would become colder, and days would be hotter.
  2. The right length of year. Winters are just short enough for creatures to survive while summers are just long enough for plants to produce food for us to eat.
  3. The right axis of rotation tilt. This tilt produces the seasons. Winter and summer seasons trigger the timing of when plants bloom and creatures court.
  4. The right distance from the sun. If earth were 10 % closer to the sun, earth would feel like a furnace. If it were 20% farther away, we would be an icy desert.
  5. The right orbit. Earth’s orbit is nearly circular. This allows the sun to evenly heat us.
  6. The right surface smoothness. The earth surface is surprisingly smooth. If the mountains were only 10% higher, the local weather conditions would be extreme.
  7. The right materials. Apart from the organic materials such as wood, earth has an abundance of the right kind of metals: aluminum, iron, lead, tin, copper, zinc, titanium, gold, silver, etc. The most abundant also tend to be the most useful!


The earth is perfectly designed for life!


For thus saith the Lord that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the Lord; and there is none else.

~ Isaiah 45:18


Creation Devotional January 27 - Design

Daily Devotional - January 27




Have you considered the poisonous snake’s venom and delivery system? This amazing delivery system is intricately designed, requiring eight parts:

  1. Venom - either a neurotoxin or hemotoxin.
    2. Venom gland to store venom.
    3. Canal to transfer the venom to the fangs.
    4. Hollow fangs, like a hypodermic needle, to inject the poison.
    5. Muscles to contract the venom reservoir.
    6. A nervous system to signal the muscles to contract.
    7. Spring loaded fangs to drop down when ready to bite.
    8. Instincts to know when and how to use all this against prey or predator.


All these parts needed to be present from the beginning for venomous snakes (such as the rattlesnake or cobra) to be able to deliver their venom, kill its prey, and have their lunch. If everything was present except for the hollow fangs, it would not work. If there was no venom, it would be just a bite. If the fangs were not able to drop down, the snake would poison itself. What good is “part of a snake”? All the parts needed to be there from the beginning. When we see such intricate designs, we know there must be a Designer, and that would be God.


He shall suck the poison of asps:  the viper’s tongue shall slay him.

~ Job 20:16


Creation Devotional January 23 - Design

Daily Devotional - January 23




Our frontline troops need night vision goggles, but often times, these goggles had a limited field of vision - seeing only 30-40 degrees. What was needed was a greater field of vision AND to be smaller and lighter. The engineers at BAE Systems looked to a tiny parasitic fly’s eyes (Xenos peckii). This parasitic fly’s compound eyes are different from other insect eyes; instead of thousands of tiny lenses, this fly has 50 lenses in each eye. Researchers were able to achieve the same imaging effect using only nine lenses.


Each lens is about the size of a cell phone camera lens and is arranged on a curved surface. They call it the “Bug Eye.” These new “Bug Eye” night vision goggles gives the wearer a 60 degree field of vision, almost double that of normal goggles. Also, the new “Bug Eyes” are lightweight and compact. Thousands of man hours went into developing this new technology. It would be an insult to tell these engineers that these new “Bug Eye” goggles happened by chance and accident. These engineers were only copying what had already been made by the great Designer, God Himself!


Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things.
~ Psalm 72:18


Creation Lesson #3 - Intelligent Design


Introduction…The Evolution Model begins with Seven Assumptions (none of which have ever been observed in the field or demonstrated in the laboratory):

  1. Non-living elements gave rise to living material
  2. Spontaneous generation occurred only once
  3. Viruses, bacteria, plants and animals are all related
  4. Single-celled life forms gave rise to multiple-celled life forms
  5. Various invertebrate phyla are related
  6. Invertebrates gave rise to vertebrates
  7. Fish gave rise to amphibians to reptiles, to birds, to mammals, to primates, to man[1]

In contrast…The Creation Model begins with One Assumption (which is consistent with laboratory experiments in microbiology and life-sciences):

  1. The overwhelming complexity found in living systems throughout nature requires a Designer for its origin. (Living material may be re-arranged in its order, but it has never been observed to increase in complexity from the original stock.)

I.  The Living Cell…

“There are more than twenty different sections in a cell…a single flaw in the cell’s protein transport pathway is fatal. Unless the entire system were immediately in place, our ancestors would have suffered a similar fate.”[2] “Only whole cells…contain all the necessary machinery for ‘self-replication’…without the protein-forming machinery nothing can be made.”[3] The chance assemblage of the 60,000 proteins in a single cell is one in 10 to the 4,478,296 power![4]


II.  The Bacterial Flagellum…

The marvelous irreducibly complex Bacterial Flagellum is powered by an electric motor, with the following features: self assembly and repair, water-cooled rotary engine, proton motive force drive system, forward and reverse gears, operating speeds up to 100,000 rpm, direction-reversing capacity within ¼ of a turn.[5]


III.   The Eyes of the Trilobite…

At the bottom of the Geologic Column lies a fossil organism that is so complicated in its structure that it defies evolutionary explanation at its roots. Appearing full-blown in the Cambrian Explosion is the Trilobite with its ecological fitness and its compound eyes, demonstrating ultimate optics in exquisite design.


The lens of the trilobite eyes represents a marvel of design in correcting for “spherical aberration” in its crystalline shape. This problem is seen where light is distorted along the edges of lenses. Rene Descartes and Christian Huygens invented correcting lenses in the 1600’s. But the trilobites already possessed the correct shape from the beginning!


IV.  The Human Brain…

The physical brain is comprised of over 100 billion cells, each with up to 50,000 neuron connections to other brain cells.[6] This structure receives over 100 million separate signals from the total human body every second. Stanford University professors Stephen Smith and E.A. Moore authored a recent study showing that “[T]he brain’s complexity is beyond anything [we had] imagined…the total number of synapses in a brain roughly equal the number of stars in 1,500 Milky Way galaxies!


...Memory patterns and tiny on/off switches, which were long thought to reside in the larger neuron bodies, were instead found to be smaller than the tiny synapse connections. Each of the neurons imaged in the study serves thousands of synapsesOne synapse may contain on the order of 1,000 molecular-scale switches. A single human brain has more switches than all the computers and routers and internet connections on earth.”[7]


V.  The Original Earth…

The marvelous design of Earth’s original structure provided optimal benefits to all living systems, especially Man who was placed in charge of the planet. Of special significance was the “firmament” (raqiya) that was divinely set in place on Day Two. It is seen as beginning at the watery Earth and extending throughout space as a universal macrocosm expanse of lattice structure, consisting of charged subatomic particles. These particles formed the structure that would later stabilize the universal arrangement of stellar bodies and various atomic elements.


Simultaneously, in order to focus the benefit of universal radiation, the firmament formed locally as a thin microcosm complex of crystalline structure suspended directly above Earth. Dr. Edward Boudreaux has demonstrated that crystalline materials, such as silicate sugilite, can be held in a suspended canopy lattice by the earth’s magnetic field.[8] The firmament, locally and universally, was essentially one seamless whole in structure.


ConclusionIntelligent Design is observed in all areas of scientific investigation. Any interpretation of these marvelous phenomena as coming about by natural processes represents a willful disregard for the established laws of science and lack of appreciation for the mercies of the Creator Himself.


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[7] E.A. Moore, Human Brain has more switches than all computers on Earth, CNET News, news.cnet.com November 17, 2010

[8] Edward Boudreaux and Eric Baxter, God Created the Earth, Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship, P.O. Box 3451, Littleton, CO 80161

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