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Creation Devotional September 10 - Design

Daily Devotional – September 10



A common illustration used in biology textbooks shows the forelimb of a bat, bird, dolphin, and human. These forearm bones have a similar design even though the specific parts are completely different in size, shape, and function. This comparison is known as “homologous structures.” It is taught that similar features of different organisms prove that they had a common ancestor. Advanced biology books state that the source of similar structures is the “common gene coding areas” in each embryo’s DNA coding. Yet, this was disproven over 30 years ago. We know that similar structures in different creatures come from completely different genes1 – meaning there is no scientific reason to believe that homologous structures are the result of common origin.


Even more dishonest is the selective use of “similar structures” to support the belief in evolution. The eye of a cephalopod (octopus) is FAR more similar to the human eyeball than the arm of a human is similar to the arm of a bat, bird, or dolphin. Yet nobody thinks there is any close ancestral relationship between an octopus and a human. Thus, quite dissimilar features (like the flipper of a dolphin and the arm of a human) ARE considered proof of evolution while almost exact similarities (like the eye of an octopus and that of a human) ARE NOT considered ancestral relationships. This smacks of a double standard.


The picking and choosing of which features to accept and which features to ignore is evidence that evolution is actually story-telling and not science. Similarity in features, which appear throughout the animal kingdom, is evidence of a common designer. God designed the best from the beginning and just continued using the same design when needed.


For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.

- Isaiah 55:8

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