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Creation Devotional May 9 - Design

Daily Devotional – May 9



Imagine a box. How did it come about? Evolution? Let’s examine this possibility.


Billions of years ago, there was a tree that fell down into water. The tree became very mushy. Many animals walked through this water stirring up the shredded tree and water. Later, the water dried up leaving a mat of shredded “paper.” The wind soon picked up this paper and folded it into corrugated cardboard - each dip and ridge was nicely lined up. Then the wind folded the corrugated paper into a four-sided box with a top and bottom. Of course, glue was needed, so it came flying through the air at the right moment and hit the right parts of the box to glue it together. As time passed, black paint fell from the sky and formed the word “Amazon” on the side of the box. Is this true? Of course not! We know when we see a box, there must be a box maker.


In the same way, the ear has many parts. Sound enters through the eardrum - a tough, tightly-stretched membrane. The airwaves move the surface of the eardrum like a beating drum. The sound is transferred to three tiny bones; the anvil, hammer, and stirrup. These tiny bones amplify the sound 22 times, and they pass the amplified sound into the inner ear via an oval window. In the inner ear is the cochlea, whose twisting exterior looks like a snail shell. In this twisting, fluid-filled cavern are thousands of microscopic hair-like nerve cells, each tuned to a particular vibration. If a middle C has been sounded, then the cochlear middle C hair cells vibrate. These vibrations then make a wisp of electricity that feeds into an auditory nerve that leads to the brain where the electric signal is interpreted as a sound. The ear is FAR more complex than a box!


Each part of the ear had to be in its proper place and fully functioning - right from the beginning in order for us to hear. A hearing ear could not happen by chance, just like a box could not happen by accident. When we see an ear, we know there must be an ear-Maker, and that ear-Maker is God.


The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the Lord hath made even both of them.

~ Proverbs 20:12


Source: "Pearls in Paradise" by authors Bruce Malone and Jule Von Vett

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