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Creation Devotional May 5 - Biology

Daily Devotional – May 5



The wombat is one of Australia’s many unique creatures that is found nowhere else on earth. This animal is a marsupial - meaning it has a pouch in which prematurely born young finish their development. Having a pouch is great if you are a kangaroo - but a wombat is a burrowing animal. If the pouch opened toward the mom’s head, the pouch would quickly fill with dirt. So the wombat’s pouch faces backwards; it opens towards the mother’s hind legs. Now, where did this unique animal come from? There are only two possibilities – creation or evolution. Either the wombat was created, fully formed and fully functional, or it evolved. Our schools teach, as a fact that something that wasn’t a wombat turned into the wombat. But how could this happen?


Evolutionists believe that the pouches of marsupials all started like the kangaroos, and through millions of years the wombat’s pouch “evolved” to face backward. Let’s try to imagine this process. First, you have a forward facing pouch in a creature that decides to burrow into the earth. Its pouch kept filling with dirt. Its babies kept dying. Then, one is born with a sideways facing pouch. Now, the baby can’t reach the milk glands. Its babies kept dying. Then finally, the pouch faces backwards! But millions of years would have passed, so how could this poor creature survive the slow process of evolving; many baby wombats would have died in the process. It is clear, God created the wombat’s pouch to be “backwards” from the very beginning.


Sing to the Lord, for He hath done excellent things; this is known in all the earth.

~ Isaiah 12: 5

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