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Creation Devotional May 27 - Biology

Daily Devotional – May 27



The beaver is uniquely designed for a semi-aquatic life. It has special valves in its nose and ears that close automatically when underwater. To see well underwater, it has transparent eyelids that act like swimming goggles. When a branch-carrying beaver is swimming, how does it not choke on water going down its mouth? Behind its front teeth are two flaps of skin that close tightly to prevent water from entering the beaver’s throat. Its tail is used as a rudder when swimming or a balance support when standing upright. Its tail also radiates heat when its body is too warm. The rear feet are webbed like a duck’s - for good swimming-while the front feet are unwebbed, so it can dig canals and carry branches. To keep itself from hypothermia the fur is richly oiled by two oil glands which the beaver spreads on its fur; water rarely touches its skin. Fat below the skin further protects it from the cold. And, of course, beavers are known for their teeth and the ability to gnaw trees down and eat them. For this, they have continually growing incisors. Beavers just have to gnaw!


All of these beaver features had to be present and fully functioning from the beginning in order to survive. What if their teeth never grew after gnawing on trees? They would be ground down, and the beaver could not survive. What if the mouth flaps were not present? Water would flood their throat, choking them. Imagine digging canals with webbed front feet or swimming with no webbed back feet. The beaver is a showcase of God’s creativity.


Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth…

~ Ecclesiastes 12:1


Source: "Pearls in Paradise" by authors Bruce Malone and Jule Von Vett

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