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Creation Devotional March 31 - Paleontology

Daily Devotional – March 31



Soft tissue found in dinosaur bones has been found in over a dozen documented examples. Laboratory studies indicate that soft tissue decays within about 1 YEAR, and it is known that even the most stable biological proteins would break down within 30,000 YEARS. So how do evolutionists explain soft tissue within fossilized bones - yet still hang on to their belief that these bones are over 65 million years old?


According to research results from evolutionist, Dr. Mary Schweitzer (the discoverer of the original soft tissue found in a T-rex fossil reported in a 2005 paper), iron from our blood can bond to tissue immediately after death and decrease the decay rate of biological tissue by orders of magnitude. Dr. Schweitzer used TOTALLY unrealistic conditions in her experiments.


Dr. Mark Armitage is a creationist who was fired from the University of California in 2013 after publishing the implications of his discovery of soft tissue in a Triceratops horn (found in the Hell Creek formation in Montana). He makes the following observations about Dr. Schweitzer’s latest paper, “There is no way the iron could have preserved the tissues (blood vessels) which Schweitzer is talking about because blood clots within 20 minutes [locking up any available iron]…iron could not have preserved the soft BONE sheets I found because they are in impermeable bone and they never come in contact with the blood. PLUS Schweitzer used an ANTICOAGULANT in her experiment and separated all the other blood products in order to isolate and highly concentrate the iron. She also kept it sterile (i.e., no fungi, microbes, plants, water, ice) which is way different from [any natural conditions]...”


In other words, evolutionists start with the assumption that the huge time periods are true and then manipulate experiments to get the results they desire - even though such conditions or experiments in no way reflects reality. They then present the findings as proof that the huge time periods are true. This type of research is poor science. We need to do good science and go wherever the facts lead us. Soft tissue in dinosaurs is puzzling for evolutionists but not for Christians. Finding many examples of soft dinosaur tissue means they died in the recent past.


Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee;….

~ Job 40:15


“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”

~ William Shakespeare (1564-1616), poet, playwright, actor


“the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come…”

~ Song of Solomon 2:11, 12


Source: "Pearls in Paradise" by authors Bruce Malone and Jule Von Vett

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