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Creation Devotional June 29 - Paleontology

Daily Devotional – June 29



Much publicity has been given to feather-like structures found in amber (assumed to be 70 million years old).1 Why is this significant? If someone does not want to believe that birds were created fully-formed and fully-functional, the only other possibility is that some other animal must have evolved into a bird. Thus, it is widely taught that dinosaurs changed into birds. Since this feather-containing-amber is from the “age of dinosaurs”… it is assumed that these feathers came from feather-covered dinosaurs. But let’s look at what was actually found – some fuzzy structures and some modern-looking feathers.


According to the researchers, “We’ve got feathers that look to be little filamentous hair-like feathers, we’ve got the same filaments bound together in clumps, and then we’ve got a series that are for all intents and purposes identical to modern feathers,” McKellar said. “We’re finding some that look to be dinosaur feathers and another set that are pretty much dead ringers for modern birds.”


No bones, no skin, no pictures. In other words, bird feathers and frayed fragments of who-knows-what were preserved in amber. Ignored are fully-formed birds found in lower rock layers. Ignored are all the other creatures found in amber: well preserved insects, flowers, moss, lizards, and mammal hair. Of course, that is exactly what we would find if there was a world-wide flood as trees were ripped up and knocked against each other, releasing resin. During the raging Flood of Noah’s day, huge floating log mats would have had trees oozing resin in which feathers, insects, fuzz and other critters would have been captured. Then sediments would cover them and amber would be formed.


Dinosaurs and birds were created together during that first week of creation. Both were wiped out in vast numbers and buried during the Flood of Noah - which is when the world’s amber deposits formed. The feathers found in this amber are simply from a bird, not a dinosaur.


And God created… every winged fowl after his kind:  and God saw that it was good.

~ Genesis 1:21


Source: "Pearls in Paradise" by authors Bruce Malone and Jule Von Vett

References for this devotional.

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