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Creation Devotional July 10 - Geology

Daily Devotional – July 10



One of the most significant confirmations of the Earth’s recent creation has been the measurement of carbon-14 (14C) within diamonds.1 Why is this so significant? There should not be a single atom of 14C left within diamonds!


Almost all sources of carbon contain a small amount of an unstable 14C. 14C has a half-life of 5730 years. This means one-half of any remaining 14C disappears every 5730 years. Modern measurement equipment is so accurate that you’d have to divide the starting amount of 14C in half 18 times before it could no longer detect the presence of any remaining 14C.


Diamonds are made of carbon and also contain minute amounts of 14C that had to have been present at their very formation. Since diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to mankind, it is impossible that any modern carbon contamination could have worked its way inside of a diamond. There is also no known way that 14C could magically be generated deep inside an already formed diamond. Thus, any 14C within diamonds essentially proves that diamonds are far younger than 100,000 years. Evidence indicates that diamonds formed deep within the Earth. Therefore, because the Earth is believed to be billions of years old, it is routinely taught that diamonds are also billions of years old. Yet, if this were true, there would not be a single atom of 14C left within their structure. It is a fact of science that diamonds contain levels of 14C more than a hundred times greater than the equipment detection limit.2 Thus, both diamonds, and the rock layers deep within the Earth are thousands, not billions, of years old.


The next time you see someone wearing a glittering bit of carbon (a diamond), remember, this is one of the strongest evidences that God recently created this Earth for our amazement and enjoyment.


...upholding all things by the word of his power...

~ Hebrews 1:3b


Source: "Pearls in Paradise" by authors Bruce Malone and Jule Von Vett

References for this devotional.

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