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Creation Devotional May 1 - Christian Truth

Daily Devotional – May 1

Christian Truth


The Ten Best Evidences for a Young Earth as Confirmed in Science

  1. Very little sediment on the sea floor: Every year, sediment washes into the sea. At current rates, oceans contain about 12 million years-worth of sediment, not billions. Even this sediment exists because of erosion at the end of the Flood – not from 12 million years of slow accumulation. So, where are the billions of years of dirt, if earth is billions of years old?
  2. Bent rock layers: Throughout the world, we see sedimentary layers bent and folded without fracturing. This means they had to be bent when freshly laid.
  3. Soft tissue in dinosaur bones: It would be long gone in millions of years.
  4. Faint sun paradox: The sun gets its energy from the fusion of hydrogen into helium, deep within the sun’s core. As the hydrogen fuses, the sun’s core increases in temperature. This means billions of years ago, the sun was fainter or cooler. Only 3.5 billion years ago the entire earth would have been well below freezing - at a time when life supposedly evolved.
  5. Rapidly decaying magnetic field: The earth’s magnetic field is decaying so rapidly it could not be older than 20,000 years old.
  6. Helium in radioactive rocks: Helium is released during the radioactive decay of uranium and thorium contained in rocks. All the helium should have leaked out of the rocks in less than 100,000 years. So why are these rocks still filled with significant concentrations of helium?
  7. Carbon-14 found in fossils, diamonds and coal: C14 or radiocarbon decays quickly, so after a few hundred thousand years, no carbon-14 should be left, yet we find it in “ancient” fossils, diamonds, and coal.
  8. Short-lived comets: Every time a comet passes by the sun, it loses some of its mass. Given the observed loss rates, it is easy to compute the age of comets; the maximum age is well below billions of years.
  9. Very little salt in the sea: Every year salt gets transported into the sea from the continents. If the world’s oceans have been around for three billion years (as evolutionists believe), we should see almost 100 times more salt within ocean waters than we do today.
  10. DNA in “ancient” bacteria: Bacteria, believed by evolutionists to be 250 million years old, still had DNA. This is impossible unless they were quite recently buried. Also, they were shocked to find the bacteria’s DNA was very similar to modern bacterial DNA. Where’s the evolution?


Whatsoever the Lord pleased, that did he in heaven, and in earth, in the seas, and all deep places.

~ Psalm 135:6


Source: "Pearls in Paradise" by authors Bruce Malone and Jule Von Vett

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