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The Star of Bethlehem
the star they saw in the east went before them...
Noah's Ark Replica
Drematic 25 Foot Detailed Replica
Bethlehem's Tower Christmas Pageant
Watch this extroidnary performance Dec. 22nd

Bethlehem's Tower Christmas Pageant

Bethlehem's Tower Pageant Stage

Quentin Road Baptist Church in Lake Zurich hosted its annual "Christmas Pageant — Bethlehem's Tower" on December 13th through the 15th. These performances will be aired on television nationwide the week of December 22nd on: The Church Channel, Direct TV Ch.371 and DISH Network Ch.258. The pageant is based on the Tower of the Flock, done by the Creation Evidence Museum. The performance features a 300-voice children-and-adult choir and live animals. Original songs were written by Linda Scudder and arranged and orchestrated by Grammy and Dove Award winner, David T. Clydesdale.

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Tower of the Flock Research

When Luke records that “there was no room in the inn” (Luke 2:7c), he is not saying that there was no vacancy in the local travelers’ lodge or commercial inn [a pandokheion in the Greek] (like the one entered into by the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:34). Luke is conveying the fact that there was no space available in the large guest chamber of the ‘split-level’ private dwelling that they had entered. This upper-level room [a katalumain in the Greek], akin to the one reserved for Jesus’ last Passover (Luke 22:11-12), was already occupied; so Mary had to deliver Jesus in the smaller, lower-level room where the stone-carved manger for sacrificial lambs and goats was literally kept on the ‘ground floor’. [Mario Seigle and Tom Robinson, “Was There Really ‘No Room in the Inn’?,” The Good News, November/December 2012, pp. 28-31; Gary A. Byers, “Away in a Manger, but Not in a Barn”, BibleStudyMagazine.com.]

Since archaeologists agree that Bethlehem was too small to have a commercial inn (emphasized by “little” in Micah 5:2), the question now becomes: “Where was this mysterious guest room, i.e., “the” kataluma [the definite article “the” is used in the verse] that is being referred to in Luke 2:7, the one where there was no room for Jesus to be born?” Was there private space at the same facility - unavailable to general visitors – specifically prepared for the Promised One to be born?

The answer was prophesied more than 700 years before its fulfillment (!):

And thou, O tower of the flock, the strong hold of the daughter of Zion, unto thee shall it come, even the first dominion; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem [i.e., Bethlehem] (Micah 4:8).

The Tower of the Flock [Migdal Edar in Hebrew] was first mentioned in Genesis 35:21 in connection with the death of Jacob’s beloved wife, Rachel, who died while giving birth to Benjamin approximately 1739 B.C. (Genesis 35:16-21… compare with Matthew 2:16-18). In its first mention the Tower was already identified with the birthing of lambs, and in its shadow Benjamin, a type of Christ, was born.

In ancient times this was also a military watchtower to view into the valley near what was later called Bethlehem. From David and Solomon’s day until the time of Jesus' birth it became the a functioning tower of the flock where sacrificial lambs were prepared, where the priests examined, cleaned, and wrapped (in swaddling clothes!) newborn lambs which were designated for sacrifice at the Temple in Jerusalem. The traditional site would have placed the tower just off the road connecting Bethlehem and Jerusalem, some four miles south of Jerusalem and one mile north of Bethlehem.


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